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About Purol

About Purol

Purol is an authentic Dutch brand dating back over 110 years. At the start of last century, Andries Mijnhardt launched a company that would later be known by the name Mijnhardt Pharmaceutische & Chemische Fabrieken N.V. in Zeist. At first, he concentrated on manufacturing medicinal products. The brand name Purol was established in 1903 when Mijnhardt started the production of soaps, salves and creams with a medicinal, restorative action. Purol salve ● unguent, the healing yellow salve, was originally one of those registered products.
In 2012, the Dutch family firm Labori B.V. bought Purol from Unilever. Their aim is to give Purol the attention that this traditional Dutch brand deserves. Much has changed over the years, but not the composition or quality of the Purol products.

Purol Salve is still a very well known product which can be rightly found in many homes. It is a problem solving ‘no nonsense’ product with a range of applications: dry skin, cracks, wounds, nappy rash… a little of this healing salve helps the skin regain its natural balance and feel comfortable again.

Over the years, many other Purol products have been introduced and Purol is no longer merely known for registered medicinal skincare products. However, Purol has always remained loyal to its authentic brand values: offering easy to use products which soften, protect, nourish, soothe and pamper the skin. Without unnecessary slogans, packaging, perfumes or exaggerated promises. Purol is a truly Dutch brand which attracts a loyal following due to its high quality and reliability.


Products for the whole family
Purol wants to offer products which respect the skin and which are easily tolerated. The most recent introductions (Purol Cream and Purol Soft Cream Plus) have therefore been specially dermatologically tested and developed and contain no colourings or preservatives. They are fully pH-neutral. The other products in the Purol assortment are also packed with effective ingredients, are extremely soft on the skin, enclosing it in a nourishing and protective cocoon.
For every area, there is a wonderful product; for every specific skin need, there is a reliable, effective solution. Functional, fair and amazingly effective!

Today, words like ‘pure’ and ‘authentic’ are very much of our time. In 1993, Purol its slogan: Purol, pure for your skin. Purity and fairness are inherent to the brand. That makes Purol a modern brand with a range of products which do exactly what people want them to do: restore the natural balance to the skin, so that it looks smooth, radiant and in optimal condition

Purol, pure for your skin. For over 110 years.