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Purol hand cream

Purol hand cream

What is it?
Purol Hand cream is a soft, white, nourishing cream with a neutral fragrance. The cream protects and moisturises the skin without feeling greasy.

What does it do?
Purol Hand cream contains a high level of Panthenol (provitamin B5), which helps restore the skin’s protective film. It activates the skin’s natural recovery process and improves the moisture balance in the long term. Daily use of Purol hand cream provides optimal protection and nourishment. Dry, chapped hands feel soft, supple and comfortable.

How to use 
After all ‘wet’ jobs around the house (particularly after using soap and water), after gardening and of course at bedtime.

Purol hand cream is dermatologically tested and comes in a plastic tube (contents 100 ml).

Hand cream 100ml Kruidvat, Etos, DA, Trekpleister, DIO (Faco), Dirx and specialist drug stores