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Purol lipstick

Purol lipstick

What is it?
Purol Lipstick is a moisturising lipstick with a subtle vanilla fragrance which is easy to pop in a bag. The lipstick is white but becomes transparent on application. Also ideal as nourishing basis for the lipstick.

What does it do?
Purol Lipstick contains moisturising ingredients which are easily absorbed by the lips without leaving a greasy layer. The formula includes a UVA and UVB filter, which helps prevent the ageing effects of the sun. Purol Lipstick protects against sun, wind and cold and gives a fresh, nourished feel. The ingredients provide a slight cooling and are very comfortable on the lips.

How to use 
For daily care of the fragile skin on the lips. Also ideal as a nourishing base for coloured lipstick.

Purol Lipstick comes in a screw-up tube (contents 4.8 g); easy to transport in your (beauty) bag..

Purol Lipstick 4,8gr Kruidvat, Etos, DA, Trekpleister, DIO (Faco), Dirx and specialist drug stores