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Purol powder

Purol powder

What is it?
Purol Powder is a pampering powder for the whole body and for young and old. The white powder has a neutral fragrance and a cooling effect.

What does it do?
Purol Powder is based on talc with zinc oxide. It places a layer over the skin, protecting it from the harmful effect of moisture on the skin. Purol Powder also makes the skin feel comfortable and has a cooling effect.

How to use 
As part of your daily skin care routine after a bath or shower. Also ideal for babies. Keeps feet dry and fresh and prevent unpleasant odours. Also in many situations where the skin needs to be dry to boost its resilience: it prevents cuts from electric razors (also under the armpits) and is the ideal solution for people requiring long-term bed rest.

Purol powder comes in a plastic bottle (contents 100 g)..

Poeder 100gr Kruidvat, Etos, DA, Trekpleister, DIO (Faco), Dirx and specialist drug stores