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Purol_Creme_150ml_v2Help for the skin
The skin on the face suffers more than the skin on the body. This is because the face is much more exposed to UV rays and weather conditions. Yet many more women suffer from dry skin on their body than on their face. This is because the skin on your body has relatively few sebaceous glands. And as one of the most important natural ingredients, it is sebum that contributes to the protective thin layer (also known as ‘film’) on the skin.

Skin protecting film

Sebum contains lipids, fats produced by the body which protect the skin. The lipids are an essential part of the natural protective layer of the skin, which prevents loss of moisture from the top layers of the epidermis. If this protective layer is not intact, the skin will become dry and look flaky. Arms and legs – particularly elbows and shins – tend to suffer most from dryness.

Purol_Soft_Creme_PlusAlways after a shower or bath
Use a nourishing cream, preferably every day, after a bath or shower. All cleansers, however mild, contain detergents which damage the natural protective layer of the skin. The skin then needs around 6 hours to restore its natural protective layer after a bath. With Purol Cream or Purol Soft Cream Plus, you immediately provide your skin with soft, safe protection.

Soft, supple skin
To keep the skin soft and supple, use Purol Cream, a rich skin firming, hydrating cream. If the skin is fairly dry or sensitive, you can use Purol Soft Cream Plus. This soft cream relaxes dry sensitive skin and is also ideal for dry areas like elbows, heels and shins. The creams contain no colourings or preservatives and they are pH neutral, so very skin friendly.


Protection against moisture 
Sometimes damp skin caused by sweat or urine can compromise your skin. Purol Vaseline seals the skin against the effects of urine and softens skin suffering from nappy rash. Moist, sweaty skin can benefit from Purol Powder. Applied topically, the powder is a good alternative to a body cream if you have a greasy, spotty or sweaty skin. A damp skin is more vulnerable than dry skin. We therefore recommend drying the skin with a layer of Purol Powder before using an electric razor. Sweaty feet also benefit from the daily application of Purol Powder, to boost resilience and keep the skin in balance.

Purol_Gele_Zalf_30ml_v2Dry, painful skin? Purol salve ● unguent!
If the skin is really suffering and feels dry and painful, the restorative Purol salve ● unguent is the solution. The salve can also be used to treat nappy rash, cracked skin, extremely dry areas, cuts and grazes and skin irritations. The nourishing, softening action helps restore the skin’s natural balance.