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vrouwSoft face care
For optimal facial skincare, we recommend using a cream after cleansing. By protecting the upper layer of the skin, dry lines have less chance of becoming wrinkles and the skin looks radiant.

Purol_Soft_Creme_PlusFat and moisture
In the basal layer, the lowest layer of the epidermis, new skin cells are constantly being made. Every three to four weeks, these move to the surface of the skin. At this point, the cells are dead and form the horny layer. This protects the skin, together with the natural hydro lipid film. Hydro stands for moisture, in this case sweat, and lipid for natural skin fat, secreted by the sebaceous glands. The lipids fill in the spaces between the horny layer cells. This creates a kind of cement layer, ensuring that the skin cells are nicely aligned, like tiles on a roof. This prevents the loss of valuable moisture from the deeper skin layers. Purol Cream and Purol Soft Cream Plus supplement the hydro lipid layer with softening fats and vitamins to maintain the level of natural fats and moisture.

Hydration is essential
Moisture in the skin is very important, because it keeps the skin elastic and supple and ensures a fresh complexion. 70 to 80% of the deeper skin layers consist of moisture. In the top horny layer, however, the moisture balance is only 13%. When the horny layer loses too much moisture, the skin loses its softness, becomes dry and tight. The complexion also becomes dull and sometimes blotchy.

Purol_Creme_150ml_v2In all weathers
First of all, a day cream must protect the skin in all weathers, from the environment and sunlight, as well as hydrate the skin. A night cream must offer comfort above all, and support the skin in the nightly regeneration process of the cells. Purol Cream and Purol Soft Cream Plus can be used as either a day or night cream. Both creams contain Panthenol (provitamin B5) with a strong moisture binding action. Soft Cream Plus also has a UV filter which helps protect the skin from the harmful (ageing) effects of the sun.
Purol_Gele_Zalf_30ml_v2In winter, your skin not only has to deal with the cold air outside, but also with overheated rooms and dry air. This results in the loss of fat and moisture: the skin feels tight, is easily irritated and can become flaky. Our skin has its own natural resistance to cold.
The very fine hairs on our face (often not visible to the naked eye) stand on end to form a sort of cushion which protects the skin from the cold. If your skin has become irritated and flaky, the restorative action of Purol salve ● unguent is the best remedy (also for chapped lips). The nourishing, rich salve helps the skin regain its natural balance.

Purol_Vaseline_50ml_v2In order to prevent dry skin on the face, it must be properly protected. A cream for outside must conserve heat and protect against the cold. In extreme weather conditions, Purol Vaseline is an effective product because it seals off the skin from the cold and wind.