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Purol_Poeder_100gOn a firm footing with your feet 

Feet are the most neglected parts of our body. Which is strange, as they are extremely important. During the course of a lifetime, we walk 160,000 kilometres on them (equivalent to around 270 million steps). They not only bear our whole weight, they also suffer from being crammed into too high, too narrow or too small shoes. Feet only get our full attention when they start to feel uncomfortable or painful.

Many ancient cultures regarded feet as special parts of the body. They are our base, our foundation and our contact with the Earth and the energies which flow through it. According to reflexologists, our feet are directly related to our health because they are in fact a perfect image of our body. All organs, glands and other parts of the body are reflected (reflex) on the feet.

Soft care
The same applies to feet as to hands. They also have relatively fewer sebaceous glands to protect the skin and moisture – like sweat – makes the skin sensitive.
If you have sweaty feet, it is a good idea to dust them with Purol Powder after your morning shower. This keeps feet fresh and dry and prevents unpleasant odours.
As with hands, the feet also benefit from the application of a cream. Purol hand cream helps restore the skin’s natural protective layer.

Purol_Gele_Zalf_50ml_v2Hard skin and cracks
Exposure to daily friction and being enclosed in shoes can make the skin on the feet become dry. Insufficient perspiration can also cause dry skin. The dead skin cells are not properly removed and clog the skin, eventually resulting in hard skin. The skin feels rough and your feet can easily snag on stockings and tights. If this rough skin is not removed, cracks develop.


Areas of hard skin can be treated with Purol salve ● unguent. This softens the skin, thus preventing cracks. If you already have painful cracks, you can also use the healing action of Purol salve ● unguent. This yellow, originally medicinal salve has been proven to restore the skin. The soothing texture protects the skin and makes it supple, relieving the feeling of tightness. Apply generously to your feet and put on cotton socks, so that the yellow salve can continue its work during the night without rubbing off on your sheets.

Once your feet are back in good condition, you can maintain the skin with Purol Handcream. The cream is not greasy and is easily absorbed in the skin.