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Purol_Lipstick_4,8g_in_blister_v2Purol_LipstickSensitive lips
Most Dutch consumers use a specific product for their lips, which can always do with a little extra care in our changeable climate. There are no sebaceous glands in the lips, so they lack a protective fatty layer. Furthermore, lips do not have much of a horny layer (the top layer of the epidermis), making them susceptible to dryness. A bitter wind, cold and long periods spent in centrally heated rooms soon results in dry and even painfully cracked lips. Daily lip care is therefore no luxury, but a must.

As a lipstick base
As part of your daily beauty routine, Purol Lipstick is a comfortable and subtle product. Its composition protects the lips from the ageing effects of the sun and offers a moisturising layer. This has a positive effect on the moisture regulation in the skin. Good moisture balance in the lips makes the lips appear fuller. And: the smoother and softer the lips, the better your lipstick looks!

Purol_Lippenbalsem_5ml_potje_in_blister_v2Purol_Lippenbalsem_5ml_potjeSoftening and protection

Central heating, air conditioning, wind, sun, cold… these are just some of the conditions we have to contend every day. No wonder that the sensitive skin of the lips needs extra care. Both Purol Lipstick and Purol Lip balsam soften and protect the lips and offer UV protection. The lip balsam also contains a cocktail of skin vitamins and has a soft, salve-like texture.
The lip balsam is also a great basis for lipstick. You get the best results if you allow the balsam to sink in before applying your lipstick. Carefully pat the skin around the lips with a tissue. If any remnants of the cream remain, your lipstick will bleed faster.

Purol_Gele_Zalf_30ml_v2Moisturising and healing
For very sensitive lips and in extreme conditions (hot sunshine, bitterly cold weather and winter sports), the lips can become very dry. So dry that the skin cracks and becomes flaky. In these conditions, Purol salve ● unguent provides relief. The yellow salve has a healing effect on the chapped lips and works fast and effectively. In order to prevent these problems, you can protect your skin in extremely cold, wintery weather with Purol Vaseline.
Purol_Vaseline_50ml_v2The vaseline forms a layer over the lips, protecting them from extreme weather conditions. When the lips are restored to their normal condition, you can look after them with Purol Lipstick or Purol Lip balsam.